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About the “Logos” Publishing Group

Why “Logos” Publishing Group?

“Logos” (λόγος) — in ancient Greek it means a “word”, “sentence”, “statement”, “speech”, “meaning”, “concept”, “judgment”, “thought”, “science”, “knowledge”, “law”, “spirit”, “world order”.

This polysemic ancient Greek word, which was turned into a philosophical term by Heraclitus of Ephesus, a great thinker of the antiquity, in 1989 was chosen by the organizers of our publishing house as its name...

As the name, and, if you will, as a publishing project, designed to spread Logos by means of the printed word, to spread, first of all, the scientific knowledge — knowledge about the world structure, about nature and society laws, about the content of main scientific disciplines, specialties and professions.

All books of the “Logos” Publishing Group are permeated with the spirit of Logos, and all of them are aimed at student youth, at the new generation of Russian intellectuals.

The “Logos” Publishing group was founded in 1989 as a small enterprise. The main direction of its activity was publication of education, scientific and reference literature. In the 1990s the “Logos” small enterprise was transformed into the “Logos” Publishing and Bookselling House, which started to publish translated literature and periodicals. In particular, in those years the “University Book” and “Youth Policy Bulletin” magazines were published.

In 2000s the “Logos” Publishing and Bookselling House included in the scope of its activities the purchase of intellectual products and assignment of rights to them. At the same time, output of digital education and scientific publications was organized.

The expansion of the scope of its activities resulted in organizational changes and creation in 2003 of the “Logos” Publishing Group LLC (Limited Liability Company). The Publishing Group is engaged in publishing of scientific and education literature, bookselling, purchase and assignment of authors’ rights, output of digital products. It has qualified staff, a part of which cooperates with the Publishing Group remotely, online and offline.

The “Logos” Publishing Group cooperates with authors and publishing houses of Great Britain, Hungary, China, Romania, Poland, USA, FRG and of other countries.

For the period from 1989 the “Logos” Publishing Group has published nearly two thousand book titles. Currently it publishes 70–80 book titles a year.

The “Higher Education Today” magazine is issued monthly and distributed in the Russian Federation, CIS and Baltic countries. Among its subscribers there are libraries of a number of higher education and scientific institutions of the USA, Japan, Canada and other countries.

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