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Rules for Peer Reviewing of Scientific Articles

  1. Articles, containing the results of researches on competition of a candidate’s degree, degree of a doctor of science in pedagogics, psychology, sociology, and also in the field of interdisciplinary research related to these scientific disciplines, are subject to peer reviewing.

  2. Decisions on the publication of another articles are taken by the Editor on the basis of consultations with a member of the Editorial Board and/or major specialist in the relevant field.

  3. Articles which need to be reviewed are sent to reviewers, as a rule, within not more than 5 days from the date of receiving thereof in the editorial office by email.

  4. Reviewers examine scientific articles strictly objectively, on the basis of common criteria — scientific level, practical importance, novelty, justification and accuracy of narration.

  5. Reviewer’s decision shall be of brief, but motivated nature. A refusal to publish an article shall be formulated mostly clear and detailed. A review may contain recommendations for improving an article, and also provide for its publication without any changes.

  6. Reviews are submitted to the “Higher Education Today” magazine editorial office by e-mail and are kept in the relevant database.

  7. Reviews are reviewed on a selective basis by the members of the Editorial Board along with scientific articles with a purpose to determine the qualification and objectiveness of the reviewers. Conclusions of the Editorial Board members serve as the grounds for certain measures.

  8. The Chief Editor of the “Higher Education Today” magazine assumes responsibility for the organization of work of articles peer review.

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